reliably pure and potent since 2010.

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The line was conceived and founded by Brandy Monique following a fateful meditation insight in 2010. From that moment, she’s fully dedicated herself to creating pure, potent and effective personal care products to inspire nourishing and uplifting daily rituals for body, mind and spirit.

food for the skin.

FIG+YARROW has always been exceptionally dedicated to using only whole, pure, unadulterated and nutrient-dense ingredients. The foundational ethos of the brand is that wholeness and balance is the path to genuine well-being and radiant beauty is cultivated through rootedness in nature. We regard our products as food for the skin and we encourage mindfulness, self-care and the cultivation of beauty in one’s life as food for the soul.

informed by nature's intelligence.

At the heart of our formulation are plant and mineral-based ingredients. We choose these ingredients because they are innately balanced and informed by nature's intelligence. We choose organic and wildcrafted ingredients as they offer the greatest purity, the most abundant nutrients and the highest amount of skin-enhancing constituents. Creating products using sustainably grown and harvested ingredients allows us, as producers and consumers, to collectively influence how the land, creatures of the land and workers of the land are treated.

sans the unsavory.

What we are not is just as important to the quality of our products as what we are. Our formulations are free of GMOs, toxins, fillers, artificial colors, artificial fragrances, synthetic chemicals.

10% of all sales proceeds go the The Rumi Foundation which distributes donations to non-profit organizations dedicated to animal, human and environmental well-being.