radiant beauty rooted in nature

radiant beauty

rooted in nature

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Self Care as Ceremony


Self-care rituals are woven into our daily affairs like notes within musical metre; purposeful actions keeping in time with the pulse of nature, setting the tone for how we wish to experience our lives.

Though they may become habitual and patterned, even the simplest and most mundane rituals—when engaged in mindfully and with intention—have the power to bring us back to our true selves, our innermost nature.

By connecting with and nourishing ourselves often—even in small ways—we can then be so much more for the world. When we begin with ourselves, all of the kindness, compassion and love we wish to have for others becomes effortless and, in turn, feels nourishing rather than depleting to give.

We invite you to enjoy even your most basic self-care rituals as a form of Self Ceremony. Engage with the moment, allow your breath to fill you deeply and get in touch with a sense of gratitude for not only the vast array of plant and mineral allies who support our health, beauty and well-being, but also for the quality of the time you’re giving to yourself.


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